It is very rare that personal injury claims go to court. This is the case regardless of whether the claim is for injuries from a car accident or a slip and fall accident. In my experience, less than ½ of 1% of claims end up in a trial. Having said that, it is very important to hire a lawyer with trial experience and one that the insurance companies know is a person that ‘says what he means and means what he says’.

If your lawyer has had successful trial experience it is likely that the insurers are aware of that fact and will be much more likely to settle out of court on a favourable basis. The outcomes of trials are uncertain and there is a significant amount of risk to both the Plaintiff and the Defendant when you put your case in the hands of an unknown Judge. This is generally why Plaintiffs and Defendants find a way to settle claims. However, you always want to be in a position to take your case to court if necessary, and you definitely want to hire someone with trial experience.