Many people wonder why they need to pay a lawyer for a Will. Why not just write one myself or use a kit? You might be surprised to hear the answer.

I think the answer is really just one of ‘insurance’. By hiring a lawyer to write your Will you are guaranteed that the document will be valid and effective (if the lawyer makes a mistake, he or she has insurance to cover the mistake(s)).

When you think about it, you are giving away all of the assets that you have acquired in your lifetime. It seems like a small amount to pay, to ensure that your wishes as to who gets what are followed.

The other reason for having a Will is that you can give to charitable causes or friends/relatives that would not otherwise share in your estate (which would occur if you died without a Will). When you consider that you may be giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to your beneficiaries, spending a few hundred dollars to ensure that the right people get the share you want them to get is a comparatively small price to pay.