Condominium purchasers often send a copy of the condominium bylaws to a “review specialist” prior to finalizing a condominium purchase agreement. Often, those bylaws are 25-30 pages in length and quite legalistic in nature. A review is, however, something you can do yourself if you will set aside the necessary few hours to read and consider them.

Condo bylaws state the rights, duties and obligations of the condominium corporation, its Board and the individual condominium unit owners. Prior to purchasing a condominium unit they ought to be read by the purchaser as they clearly state the unit owners’ obligations. For instance, they tell what you can do to your unit, inside and out.

Just this week a condominium corporation asked me to sue one of its’ owners and to seek a Court Order directing that a newly installed laminate floor be removed from that owner’s unit. It seems that the building construction in this case is such that when laminate floors are installed they cause excess noise travel throughout the building. The bylaws in this case clearly state that all flooring choices are to be approved by the condominium corporation prior to being installed. The unit owner had not, however, read the bylaws and had no idea that the consent of the Board was required. They will have to be removed.

Prior to purchasing, whether you elect to have the bylaws read by a professional or not, do yourself a favour and read them yourself.