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It is commonplace to attend a Walk-in Clinic when health after a car accident. It is generally easier to get in to see a doctor on the same day and Walk-in Clinics tend to have longer business hours than most family practices.

When treating injuries it is very important to have one doctor see you throughout your treatment if at all possible.

Using the same doctor allows you to create a history of your treatment and various issues related to your injury. It allows you to create a relationship with that doctor and will avoid having to provide your medical history each and every time you see a doctor. When a doctor is able to access your medical history and notes regarding what treatments you have tried, what was successful and what wasn’t successful, that doctor will be able to make better decisions about what to do next. In relation to pursuing a claim for your injuries, having all of your medical history in one place saves time and costs, it provides a detailed timeline of your injuries, limitations and continued issues.

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