Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured? You deserve to have representation protecting YOUR interests.

Brian Conway has 30 years of experience practicing law in the areas of personal injury and litigation. He has successfully battled with insurance companies for his entire professional career protecting the rights of Calgarians.

Brian will fight on your behalf and protect your interests. The insurance companies spend millions of dollars training their adjusters to negotiate settlements for as little as possible. You need someone with the experience and skills to counter those adjusters.

Contact Brian personally to discuss your personal injury situation.

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Did You Know?

The insurance companies see you as an ‘expense’ on their balance sheets. Their goal is to make as much money as possible for their shareholders–that means getting rid of you for as little as possible is in their best interests. You need representation in your corner making sure you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

Remember, if you have been hurt or injured by the negligence of someone else, don’t talk with the adjuster for the insurance company and don’t provide them with release of medical information without speaking with a lawyer first.